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Online UPS with Battery

Can-West Ghana Online UPS with Battery


  • DSP Technology: The advanced DSP digital control technology enables more stable performance from the UPS
  • Environment Friendly: This UPS is eco-designed & manufactured to meet the China local population control requirement of electronic products, which means it will cause no harm to environment & human beings in normal usage
  • Active Input power factor correction (PFC): Digitalized Control of the PFC enable the UPS to keep input power factor above 0.99 to prevent possible electric grid pollution and save cost in the meanwhile
  • Widened range of input voltage & frequency: We intentionally widen the range of input factors to make sure the UPS can apply to various environments, which will effectively sustain the battery charging even in unstable power environment so that the service life of the UPS could be prolonged
  • Zero power switch delay: When the utility power fails, UPS will automatically switch from AC mode to battery mode with no delay, which ensures stable power supply of operating system
  • Adaptive Load Management: This technology allows the UPS To be set up at fixed 50Hz or 60Hz output, while it also can intelligently monitor power usage & automatically shed & reconnect load in order to prevent generator overload
  • Sufficient expansion Slots: the pre-allocated slots enable flexibility in choice of USB cards, CMC monitoring cards, SNMP cards, RS485 cards & EMD environment monitoring cards
  • The load power factor is 0.8: It adapts the features of most current electric equipments & elevates the load-bearing capacity of the machines
  • Supports the Generators: The wide range of input voltage & frequency can effectively separate the harmful electric wave produced by the generators & provide safe reliable power supply
  • Large-screen LCD

Product Certification

  • EMI: IEC62040-2
  • EMS: IEC61000-4-2 Level-4
  • IEC61000-4-3 Level-3
  • IEC61000-4-4 Level-4
  • IEC61000-4-5 Level-4
  • SAFETY: IEC62040-1-1

Company Profile

Techcom is amongst the top growing brands in computer hardware and consumer electronics in India. Owned by Techcom Technologies Private Limited, the brand was launched in 2001,and has since amassed an impressive share of the Indian market, with its products being sold in over 30 countries worldwide.

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