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TV Tuners

Tech-Com high end product SSD-120INTERNAL TV TUNER

Plug and Play Internal TV Tuner  capable of watching video of TV/Video Tape/ VCD/ DVD / Camcorder through PC,

Tech-Com high end product SSD-222Full channel scan, support PAL-DK/I or PAL-BG/I or NTSC system of cable TV and air TV
Tech-Com high end product SSD-126 USB TV STICK, FM AND REMOTE
Tech-Com high end product SSD-124USB TV Tuners for Laptops and Desktops, With complete function infrared remote controller, Auto full channel scanning, Format Supported- MPEG-1, MPEG-2, S- Video, Composit audio (L/R) I/P Supported, Support Vista-64,
Tech-Com high end product SSD-121CRT TV TUNER

External CRT TV Tuner, watch TV on Computer Monitor no PC is required, No software required, Simple Plug & Play, Built in speaker, Built in Games, Connect to VCD, DVD & TV Games.

USB TV Stick
Tech-Com high end product USB TV StickSSD-TV-817 USB Stick with FM and Remote
SSD TV 724
Tech-Com high end product SSD TV 724HD LCD/TFT TV Tuner

Support all LCD/TFT Monitors, PIP function, Simple plug & play, No software required, Supports Resolution 1680 x 1050, with full channel scan and support of PAL-DK/L

SSD TV 723
Tech-Com high end product SSD TV 723HD LCD/TFT TV TUNER

Support all TFT/LCD Monitors, PIP function, Simple Plug & Play, No Software Required. Support Resolution 1680 x1050, With full channel scan and support of PAL-DK/L

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