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Can-West Ghana TC-HDVR-8016-IPD1


  • 16 Channel
  • 16ch D1 or 16ch 960H@12fps or 4XD1+12XCIF or 16ch HD1 Record
  • 1ch D1 or 16ch 960H@12fps or 4XD1+4XCIF or 16ch HD1 Decode (Chipset HiSilicon-3515A)
  • Mid Size Cabinet
  • 1 X SATA (Up to 4TB)

Only Analog(DVR)

  • 8XD1@15fps/8X960H@12fps/8XHD1

Analog + IP(HVR):

  • 2XD1+(1X1080P+1X720P)

Only IP(NVR):

  • 1X1080P /8X960H /9XD1/4X720P /
  • 2X1080P/1X720P+7XD1 /
  • 1X1080P+1X720P+2XD1


  • 16 BNC input
  • 1 BNC output
  • 1 VGA output
  • 1 HDMI output


  • 2 RCA input
  • 1 RCA output

Company Profile

Techcom is amongst the top growing brands in computer hardware and consumer electronics in India. Owned by Techcom Technologies Private Limited, the brand was launched in 2001,and has since amassed an impressive share of the Indian market, with its products being sold in over 30 countries worldwide.

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