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This USB cooler maximizes notebook performance by keeping the notebook cool during use. The fan generates cool air to help prevent the notebook from overheating. Keep your laptop cool and can prevent all sorts of undesired symptoms caused by overheating.
  • Fashion and unique design, for comfort at work or on the go. Hold your notebook in an easy-to use position making it simple to create a more comfortable, ergonomic workspace.
  • 130x130x15 mm silent LED cooling fan help maximize notebook performance by keeping your notebook cool during use.
  • Compatible with majority of notebooks.
  • The Notebook Cooling Pad is designed with special refinement construction and it can bear any weight of notebook without affecting the performance of the notebook and cooling pad.
  • It can run easily, no power adapter necessary, powered directly through USB port.
  • Super thin design, Compact size, light weight and quite easy to carry
  • Double USB
  • Adjust height
  • Blue LED light

Company Profile

Techcom is amongst the top growing brands in computer hardware and consumer electronics in India. Owned by Techcom Technologies Private Limited, the brand was launched in 2001,and has since amassed an impressive share of the Indian market, with its products being sold in over 30 countries worldwide.

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